woman with eyes closed during a mindfulness practice

Deep relaxation to relieve stress and anxiety

What is my job?

My work basically focuses on deep relaxation. I go into a relaxed state and, through a process of empathetic communication, that relaxation is translated to the person receiving treatment. The energy that is normally destined to sustain tension and stress is freed and available to direct to wherever the body (be that the physical, energetic, or mental) needs it most in order to regenerate and balance itself.

Although the vast majority of people come to see me for problems related to stress and anxiety, my work is indicated for any type of discomfort: insomnia, digestive problems, fears, phobias, grieving situations, tiredness, life weariness and lack of motivation, depression, pain, addictions, traumas, sexual problems and couple crises, moments of doubt or existential crisis, etc.

Practically, there is no physical contact whatsoever. You lie on a futon, I sit beside you without moving, and then everything just happens by itself.

statue of buddha making a mudra during a meditation practice

What is “empathetic communication”?

As a law of nature, when anything is full, that which is inside will inevitably begin to overflow, spilling over the edges like a river bursting its banks. The process is a mechanical one. Having nothing to do with human will, it is purely automatic. It does not involve empathy with the suffering of others, neither is it sentimental nor emotional. 

There is no will to help. I do not feel anything in particular when I work. I just fill myself so completely that when I begin to overflow this invariably enters those close to me.

Entering the other

In my work, everything is taken to look within itself. If you are pushed to look within yourself, if you are able to turn your gaze inward and see what is there, then a comprehension of the outside world will come automatically. If you can know what is within you, then you can know what is inside others. It´s not that you will be able to know, but rather, you will know.

If you can enter into yourself, you will enter automatically into the other.

Looking within

Everything, absolutely everything in life, demands to be seen. Everything wants to rise to the surface, because when things are seen, they can be integrated and dissolved into the cosmos and then put in their place.

It doesn’t matter who sees your tension (all our suffering is some kind of tension). Whether I see it or you do, the important thing is that it is seen and brought to consciousness so that it can be integrated and dissolved.

We do not try to change anything. Simply by seeing, we allow tension to disperse on its own accord.

What can you expect from a session?

I do not expect anything when I do a session, you should not expect anything when you come. This does not mean you have to come without a purpose. If you have a chronic headache and you’re looking for a solution to that pain this is a concrete purpose and that’s great, you’ve come to the right place!

But you must be open to receive the help you’re looking for in ways that are sometimes totally unexpected. This is an autonomous process and it goes wherever it wishes to go rather than where I tell it to go.

At a formal level, sometimes I will talk a lot whilst other times I will be very quiet. Sometimes I will ask many questions and on other occasions I will not let you tell me anything. Whatever we do will be done and whatever there is to come out will do so on its own accord. There will always be relaxation and when we relax, the most amazing things can happen.

What Training have I received for this work?

Rather than a technique, my work is a result. It is the natural result of an equally natural process. I work within my own abilities to be still and increase my sensitivity. The rest is out of my hands. I simply sit still and, suddenly, everything then starts to fall into place, or rather, to be put in its place.

In my work, all that you will learn about yourself, I will learn about myself equally.

Buddha head with closed eyes during a mindfulness practice

Deep relaxation therapeutic sessions for stress and anxiety relief

When the body has been in tension for a long time and with the alarm system activated even though there is no longer a reason for alarm, being able to experience a state of deep relaxation again is something hughe.

Precisely because the body remembers, being able to experience a state of deep relaxation, even if only for a while and in the setting of a therapeutic environment, can lay the foundations for a new phase in which there is no longer any tension or alarm and we can go back to live as relaxed beings.

Guidance sessions for moments of doubt or existential crisis

If you are going through a moment of doubt or existential crisis, my sessions can be of great help to you, because through states of deep relaxation we can access what the body knows (although the conscious mind does not have access to that knowledge) and, from there, draw up an action plan.

Guidance sessions for highly sensitive people

High sensitivity is a challenge in a society with so many stimuli and as accelerated as ours. If you are a person with a high sensory capacity and it is difficult for you to get along with it, come see me because there are several things you can do to feel better.

Accompaniment in situations of spiritual emergency

Intensive meditation practices and other techniques related to personal work can lead to a too rapid development of energy and sensitivity, and that too rapid development of aspects related to energy capacity and sensitivity can in turn lead the person to a chaotic situation.

In these cases, it is vitally important to have the advice of someone who is capable of making us understand what is happening and who can give us the necessary tools to achieve a more harmonious and safe development.

Private meditation and mindfulness classes

If you do not want or cannot meditate in a group, I also offer individual meditation and mindfulness classes, as well as private sessions to resolve doubts for beginners and people with an advanced level.

lit candle to do contemplative practices

Practical aspects

There is no specific time for each session. Usually they take 1 hour 15 minutes, but when you do come you should have time enough in case the session runs over.

Also please note that after each session it is better not to drink any alcohol nor to do any hard exercise. In fact, you may feel a little tired for a few hours and should certainly take this into consideration.

I also will ask you to not wear cologne or perfume the day of your session (and if you must, please keep it to a minimum).

Face-to-face or online session: 55 € (in Barcelona or Mataró)

*I can held sessions in English, Spanish or Catalan.


«I still remember the very moment, when I felt I simply couldn’t carry on, that I picked up the phone and called Berta. Her services had been recommended to me by a friend as energetic therapy.

Until then I had let myself be guided by my brain, as rational and scientific as it is, but things where not going well and I didn’t know what to do.

My sessions with Berta opened my eyes and I entered the next step on my personal journey; a step that has allowed me to feel fuller and more confident in myself, in life, and opening myself up to others. That moment was a turning point in my life».

Mònica P.

«I heard about Berta through a friend who described her work as a “type of Reiki”.

I began a few sessions with her and after a relatively short time we had already worked on a variety of issues.

My experience was one of having been treated for various physical and energy problems. Whenever I was at Berta’s I felt relaxed and we would work on a certain parts of my body which, from this day on, I have noticed have got better.

She treated my solar plex zone (which felt very blocked), my feet (that hurt me due to various injuries), the back of my neck, my spine (that had always been very tense). These are what I have noted down but there were also many other afflictions that got better which I didn’t.

On top of this, the weeks I was seeing Berta, and especially the days of our sessions, I slept a lot and felt as though, in my dreams, I was somehow being repaired. I remember (because I noted them down) dreams incredibly rich in detail and lessons as if, during the nights new paths were being opened up to me.

During my sessions with Berta I would feel very sleepy and sometimes more than half an hour would pass in the space of what felt like 10 minutes. One time I even felt as if I had fallen inside my own body.

The whole experience was very positive. Together, we changed many significant issues, helping me turn a corner in my life».

Mery S.

«My life had begun to break down, my sentimental situation needed urgent attention and my fears had begun to manifest themselves in small, distant corners of my mind. I needed help in understanding what was happening.

I went to see Berta and had completed my third session with her when the process of integrating the hidden and repressed parts of myself began to take shape. This has surely been the most important conscious process of my life until now».

Jordi I.

«I have undergone sessions with Berta on two separate occasions with an interval of a year between each. I began my second session feeling slightly dizzy but after awhile, as on the first occasion, this soon passed, leaving me with a feeling of peace and wellbeing. For this alone, it has been worth the effort.

Furthermore however, beyond this state (which was, I repeat, outstandingly beautiful) my life changed in just a few weeks, throwing up new challenges and opportunities after the crisis that usually accompanies big life changes.

I had a fantastic experience with Berta and love my new life».

Ferran C.

«I was put in touch with Berta suddenly, without expecting it and through someone who hardly even knew me. As I don’t believe in causality, but rather, synchronicity, I got in touch with her and just went with the flow. I had been looking for something for a long time, but I didn’t know exactly what.

The therapy which I went through with Berta was slow but steady. While I arrived stressed and tired, I left happy and relaxed. This, along with the information that I was provided with in each session, was decisive in helping me progress in my searching, understanding and feeling that there is more to life than meets the eye.

For me, my life can be divided into “before” and “after” my visits to Berta».

Mery S.