The meditative state is at the base of everything I do when I work. Whether I am with a single person doing a therapeutic session, or with a large group teaching meditation, my work tool is always the same. And it is not a tool that I can go and just get. 

The meditative state is not something that can be searched and found. It’s something that just happens when we suddenly find ourselves empty. The meditative state finds the space and sneaks in, and from there it grows and expands until it ends up encompassing everything.


  • Deep relaxation therapy  Especially useful for you if you suffer from: Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Tiredness. Insomnia. Digestive problems. Situations of grief. Periods of doubt, crisis or vital stagnation. Difficulties in the relationship with oneself and others. Acute or chronic pain of non-specific origin. Physical problems for which relaxation can be helpful.

  • Regular meditation classes Regular meditation classes in Barcelona and Mataró. Non religious. Large groups.
  • Meditation classes at individual level Meditation classes at will. Resolution of doubts for beginners and people with advanced level.


    • Bachelor in Humanities, in the specialty of philosophy and with a specific focus on philosophy of religions.
    • Deep relaxation therapist since 2006.
    • Group meditation teacher since 2016.

My first contact with the meditative state was not sought and was not welcome until many years after it had occurred for the first time. It was so abrupt, so intense and so unexpected that it took me a long time to learn to deal with it, but little by little the meditative state itself instructed me and, as I was offering less resistance, he was being more gentle and gentle with me.

I began to experience deep meditative states spontaneously at age 26 or 27 (I am now 47), within the framework of a body movement work based on bioenergetics. After a while, and a little without even realizing it, I found myself sharing those states with others, and over the years, that sharing became my profession. 

Suddenly, and without ever having wanted to, I found myself as a therapist, with the meditative state at the base of my work.

Over the years I have learned to enjoy a lot (very much indeed!) my work and I would not change it for anything in the world, but I am a very social person and I missed being part of a group, a community. And I have searched a lot, but precisely because my first contact with the meditative state was outside of any cultural context, and because it was such an intense and radically intimate process, I have never been able to integrate into an already established lineage or school (of any tradition), despite the many attempts I have made.

It has been such a deeply personal relationship that transmitting my own experience is, for now, the only way I have found not to be alone. And that’s why I teach now, because I need to feel that I belong to something, and because teaching is the most effective way I have to learn right now.



«I am on a huge inner journey. Everything is kind of an emotional roller-coaster with loads of confusion and repeating fears.

Already on the first session with Berta I felt a deep peace. What she gives me is a peace I cannot find within myself. She brings light where I cannot see.

I don’t know how to describe the sessions... something internal starts moving and my batteries get charged with renewed energy. Also, a whole new set of tools to deal with daily life difficulties are brought to me.

Whenever I feel confused or overwhelmed, a light turns on and there Berta appears and the need to go and see her».
Míriam A.
«My experience with Berta's work has been really fantastic. There was a moment in the middle of one session when I felt my body was about to fly and a massive weight was being lifted off my shoulders.

Berta helped me to be honest with myself and to make difficult resolutions about my life that changed my personal situation completely for the better».
Raquel T.
«I should say that I'm not one who usually goes in for this sort of thing. I first went to Berta on the recommendation of a friend. I recall thinking, what have I got to lose?

Lucky call- sessions with Berta have been tremendously helpful to me in sorting through the difficult parts of life and in getting focused on what's important.

Aside from posessing the clarity of an excellent therapist, Berta provokes real changes with her energy work, you can feel them physically. After a session with her I feel calm, invigorated, and prepared. I can't recommend her highly enough».
Joshua M.
«I felt as though, with Berta, we were working to “harmonize the soul”. At the end of each session I felt light and joyful. It wasn’t that I felt any one thing in particular, but after several weeks without seeing Berta I felt as though I was missing something I couldn’t quite explain.

Occasionally, after some sessions, I felt as though someone had literally taken a weight of my shoulders. Her sessions act to sooth my soul».
Conrad H.
«During my sessions with Berta I felt a pleasant sensation of opening, of communication and of peace. Now I know that I will never be alone again».
Monserrat D.